One of the biggest false impressions is that the watch you buy has to be expensive to be nice. There are many watches that are $150, $300, $500, etc that prove this is wrong. In this blog post we will discuss the 5 watches that are amazing to us and won’t break your wallet too much.


Filippo Loreti

I first noticed this brand the beginning of summer 2018, my first thought was “I need the silver mesh silver Filippo Loreti immediately”. The moon phase is a beautiful touch to the watch, it also keeps track of the month & date. They have great price points and most of their watches will run you from $190 to $700. I must say this watch will turn heads and I always get questions on where it can be purchased. Visit their website at

 Movado Mesh Bold Chronograph

When I have an event and I need a Gold watch to put on (This is it!!!). Movado of course is a well-known brand; this watch screams of quality. The metal mesh band increases the classiness of the watch and it’s guaranteed to turn heads. I love chronograph watches; this watch gives you the clean styling with complexity. The watch costs $750 and you can find it at



 Nixon Time Teller

My Nixon Time Teller is my daily go to! A very classy and comfortable. This watch will run you no more then $100 but it feels like it could cost so much more. You can wear your Nixon with a laid-back outfit or even Business casual, it just gives you the versatility you need. Head over to to add this one to your collection.


 The MVMT Classic series 45mm

MVMT’s entire philosophy is that you can have style and high quality at affordable prices. This watch was $95 and I continuously get compliments whenever I wear it. The amazing thing about this watch is that the band is interchangeable which really makes it seem as though I have 3 watches in one. You’ll generally see me with the brown band, however I’ll swap it for the black once in a while and the silver when I’m feeling a bit more fancy. Visit you won’t be disappointed.


 Apple Watch

 Apple has really changed the watch game and people’s want/need for smart watches. We all know someone who has an Apple Watch and it’s definitely for good reason. There’s just something fun about having a mini iPhone on your wrist and being able to get texts, reminders, alarms, etc. Nerd facts aside, each Apple Watch series looks great aesthetically and compliments any outfit you wear. You can get yours from Watch prices start at $399.



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