Walking Through Covid #1


Gift bags ...check

Matching fly swimsuits...check



“Corona??” Now that wasn’t exactly on my 2020 checklist . I mean Corona with lime on the beach with my girls definitely . I could do that! But a deadly virus that shut the world down ...Nope!! We had been planning my best friends bachelorette trip for months and let’s just say we were all BEYOND ready. But 2020 has other plans for us. So sadly we cancelled the trip , packed away our sunscreen and settled for a virtual happy hour . I mean who would have thought this would be our “new normal”.


Talk about bizarre! No one saw it coming . It’s the flu right? A really bad flu? Wrong! It’s the worst kind. Working in nursing home proved that. So while tequila shots and tan lines sounded amazing , protecting my patients became wayyy more important. So I traded in my chic flats and lipstick for sweatpants and N95’s. In case you didn’t know those aren’t the newest Nike’s...lol . It’s a mask that protects you and your patient but also makes you feel like you’re slowly suffocating and possibly going to faint at anytime *shrugs* . But they are oh so necessary in our “new normal”.

Complaining about this horror movie that we’ve found ourselves in is easy. We’re all dealing with it in someway. I leave the house every morning , forget my mask (like I dont wear it everyday). Run back in as if I’m not already late and grab it. Forget the morning coffee. I now need my morning mask to walk into work . Once again “new normal”.


But the hardest part for me has been working with patients that don’t understand what is  happening. Many of them suffer with dementia and find it hard to make the connection between THEIR world and the real world we live in. They don’t know why their families aren’t visiting or why they have to stay in their rooms. No social activities in the building and why everyone is wearing mask. So they cry. And they become agitated. They’re scared and lonely . Because they’re stuck in yesterday while the rest of the world is moving on. Can you imagine how scary that must be??I am so blessed to be in a position where I can be that missing link. I am their daughter, mother , pastor , or friend . Whoever they need me to be. I always think God trusted me to help people in their most vulnerable moments. Me! He trusted little ole me! In the midst of the madness he saw me fit to be in a place where I am needed. I am thankful that during this time when so many families are experiencing loss I am able to guide my patients and keep them grounded . Sadly, there won’t be any stamps in my passport this year Or matching swimsuit pics . God has definitely put a lot of things on hold this year. But if there is one thing I know about MY God is that he’s always up to something . So I’ll just enjoy the ride ... #AlwaysSocialWorking




I absolutely love this. What a testimony!

Deborah King Gant December 01, 2020

I absolutely love it❤️

Sophia Collymore June 11, 2020

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