Purpose Chronicles: Episode #2 - Kie

Tell us about yourself.

I'm Kie, born and raised in D.C. I became a serial entrepreneur at a young age. At first it was all about chasing money, but now it's all about helping people - and the money will catch up to me.

How did COVID affect you this year?

BIG situation. It impacted me a lot. I had to adapt and figure out other ways to make money. A lot of business are created now from being at home, so COVID-19 just had to teach you and bring out the Hustler in you.

Your thoughts on fashion?

I've been addicted to fashion from an early age, but now it's all about mixing high end fashion along with black-owned businesses, black-owned dollars. There's nothing wrong with having high end clothes, but also what are you giving back to your community?

How do you plan to continue walking in your purpose?

Renewing My Mind is what I live by daily and that's how I'm going into 2021. Romans 12:2 : be not conformed to this world but be transferred by the renewing of my mind...

That's how I'm Walking Into My Purpose

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