Socks or No Socks? That is the Question.

As more and more of you purchase our loafers, we’re frequently getting asked by customers “Should I wear these with or without socks?” Great question. The short answer is: BOTH! However, there are definitely specific scenarios for each which is why we’ve come up with this short guide to help you out.


  • Socks with loafers can be great way to add some style points to your outfit (especially if your sock game is strong).
  • Avoid plain white tube socks at all costs! Subtle introductions of color will really bring your look together.
  • If you are wearing plain colored socks with your loafers, the unwritten rule says they should match your pants and not your shoes.
  • Pair of thieves has some great socks at reasonable prices. You can pick some up at your local Target.

I’m wearing loafers today. Should I wear socks with…

Jeans – Optional, but let’s lean towards yes

Dress Pants – For work or business event, YES. Night out on the town, NO

Chinos – This one can really go either way. Depends on the season, outfit and length of your pants. When in doubt, wearing socks won’t hurt.

Capris – Nah, fam. Let the ankles breathe.

Shorts – Do we need to answer this?



This look definitely tells people you know what you’re doing. Lose the socks and even the most casual of outfits can transform into a chic, dapper look.

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I am a bit of an “ol head” and I have been accused of being the “fly uncle” or sometimes, “the go to guy” for questions on style or clothing in general That said: a lil history lesson first. The sock/ sock-less thing was not style until the confidence of the gal/ guy caught up to the moment. It was more than likely laughable, but then confidence overcame embarrassment & volla! STYLE!!!! At my age I have done both, for certain. Should also be said; that at my age, I have forgotten my socks!!! Invariably, someone, somewhere…around the office, airport, train landing, takes a (peek) quick look in a furtive manner and I see them, the next day or two, socks off/socks on!

Do what you feel!!! CONFIDENCE is the style and clothing (SOCKS) is just the tool you use!

UNCLE L January 06, 2019

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