Purpose Chronicles: Episode #3 - Taylor

1. Tell us about yourself

I'm Taylor. I live in Baltimore, MD and I'm a PhD candidate. My thesis research focuses on the genetics of brain development. In addition to my studies I run stylishlytaylored.com, a life & style blog. 


2. How has COVID-19 impacted you this year and how did you adapt?

COVID-19 changed how I conduct my thesis research. Prior to the pandemic, I went to campus everyday to perform experiments in lab, but with reduced capacity of our research labs I pivoted to work on a computation project where I'm learning to analyze data through running and writing code. While I'm not a computation biologist or data scientist, this new skillset has really given me perspective and a new found appreciation for multi-disciplinary science.


3. What does style mean to you?

Usually science and style are not seen in the same conversation, but I think my passion for style really makes me a better scientist and covid really helped me rediscover my passion and my style. I believe clothes, accessories, and shoes are tools for self-expression, and when styled together they're a platform for non-verbal communication. My mood, my confidence, my self-awareness, and my personal growth can all be seen in my looks. 


4. How are you Walking Into Your Purpose?

I'm learning my purpose is to share my story and to be unapologetically multi-capable. Society has a way of limiting us through titles, and while we may work in research labs, I want to show the world scientists share the same interests as everyone else. Skills and interests aren't mutually exclusive, and anything that fulfills you is worth pursuing. 

There are no boxes or bins in this life. Only Passion & Opportunity!

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