Purpose Chronicles: Episode #1 - Shontel

Q:   Tell us about yourself.

A:   I'm Shontel from Baltimore, MD. I'm a licensed social worker and currently work as a mental health therapist. 


Q:   How has COVID-19 impacted you this year and how did you adapt?

A:   COVID-19 has completely changed the way I interact with patients. My job went telehealth at the beginning of the pandemic, the transition was easy for me. Many of my patients struggled with the lack of personal interaction provided by a therapist. While COVID-19 has been great for business, it's sad to see how it impacted daily life so much that people are seeking my help more than ever before. 


Q:   How are you Walking Into Your Purpose?

A:   2020 has pushed me to accept my Purpose and walk in it with pride. As a therapist, I'm an advocate, a friend and all of the above. It's a profession that I feel I was chosen for. The opportunity to give back to my community by promoting self-love and mental health awareness feels like home - I'm exactly where I need to be.

Q:   What does Fashion mean to you?

A:   Fashion is clothed expression. Colors and patterns - I love that I can express my mood in style. From chic to chill, I love a little bit of everything!



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