5 Fashion Statements for Fall

Well, it’s that time of year once again. Summer is coming to an end, and it’s time to get into our favorite season for fashion – FALL. We’re going to give you a few of our favorite anticipated looks of the new season and where you can go to find these looks.


            GQ said it best, “your go-to tee is actually a turtleneck this fall”. And they’re so right. How could you even deny this style? Turtlenecks are actually super comfortable, and they keep you warm. Also, you can literally wear them with anything like jeans, dress, pants, suits, and they’re the perfect piece for layering. 

You don’t want to be too cheap when buying your turtlenecks. Aim for blends with polyester and viscose (vs 100% cotton), otherwise you might have that itchy feeling around your neck all day.

ZARA has good quality turtlenecks and every color you need.

The Denim Jacket 2.0

            The denim jacket has undoubtedly become a staple in all of our closets and it’s here to stay for another season. Most pieces have been “revamped” this time around to help you stand out a bit more from the crowd... because who wants to see another person wearing your same jacket, right? If you want a way to stand out, go for these looks:

a) arm stripes


b) color block

c) artistic print.

All jackets found at ASOS


            Nah, we aren’t talking about Adidas. Stripes have always been a thing, but really came around full force this Spring. Vertical stripes definitely seem to be more popular, but horizontal gets the job every once in a while. The great thing about stripes is the versatility.

The same striped shirt tucked into a pair of dress pants is a complete 180 look if you were to wear it untucked with a pair of jeans. Striped shirts will make great layering pieces. Throw your jacket or blazer over some stripes and your good to go.

Urban Outfitters has a great selection which will give you some good 90s vibes.


           Remember a few seasons ago it seemed like everyone was wearing yellow? Then it was Orange. Well lucky us, it seems the color of this season is RED. Don’t wait until December to pull out those sweaters or jackets that you only wear around Christmas. Here’s a few looks for some redspiration. 


  1. Beanie

            Last but not least, what’s the fall/winter season without the infamous beanie! I know a lot of guys have probably been wearing the same old beanie for years, and strictly to keep their ears warm (nothing wrong with that). How about we switch it up this season. Beanies can be BOTH stylish and functional. You just need the right hat!

We recommend sticking to solid colors so it’ll be easier to pull any look together. Zumiez beanie game is unmatched. Check em out

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