4 Ways to Wulf

As you know, the Wulf grey chelsea boots dropped a few weeks ago. First of all, here’s a quick Thank You to those who supported the drop! On the other hand, it’s apparent some of you are reluctant to step out your fashion comfort zone. I’ve heard more than once, “Man, I really like those, BUT I don’t think I can pull them off”. Well, the good news is I’ve got time today. I’m going to break down four outfits you can easily put together and show you just how easy it is to Wulf. Enjoy the read 


1st Way to Wulf - everyday casual

Grey Blazer, Jacket or Coat


Blue Jeans 

Beanie (optional)

If you follow me on IG (@zaystaychill) you’ve already seen this look and in my opinion this is probably the easiest one to pull off. The idea here is simple: throw on your favorite pair of blue jeans, Wulf Chelsea’s, and essentially any grey top you own (you’ve got to have at least one grey sweater or hoodie, right?). Oh, and don’t worry if the greys don’t match. This is fashion, not a school uniform. 

Question: I don’t have a grey jacket or blazer to go over top. What do I do?

Answer: Wear whatever color you have. As long as the base of this outfit (grey shirt, blue jeans, grey boots) is well put together it won’t matter if you decide to wear another color. Trust me.


2nd Way to Wulf - Black on Black


I personally love an all black fit especially if it’s well put together. 

This is another simple outfit idea that not only looks cool AF, but will make the boots really stand out. First thing you’ll need is a pair of black jeans or chinos. Next, pick any type of black shirt. I’d go with a button-up, but a sweater, hoodie, or even turtle neck will do. Lastly, throw on the Wulf greys and you’re set. This fit is sleek, modern, and really accentuates the details of the boot. 


3rd Way to Wulf - Suited up!

Slightly more advanced but still easy to pull off nonetheless. Here I am rocking a forest green suit paired with a grey turtle neck.

This same idea could have worked with a navy suit or other dark shades. I know you’re thinking --why would I wear chelsea boots with a suit? Because you can! You should simply think of chelsea boots as a high top dress shoe. Sometimes it’s difficult to envision yourself wearing an outfit such as this when you rarely wear suits, but take this as an opportunity to step out your norm! There’s always an excuse to step up your dress game a notch.


4th Way to Wulf - Office Attire/Business Casual

Okay let's be practical. You might really like the previous three looks, but let's acknowledge that most of our days and time are spent at work. If you happen to be amongst the lucky few to work in an office (sarcasm) you know that it's easy to fall into a pattern with work clothes. Here's a solid look for those "casual Friday's", a.k.a casual Monday-Friday, if you're like me.

White button up under Grey Sweater

Green Chinos 

Wulf Chelsea's

A little in motion action for ya...



I hope you enjoyed this read. If it was useful, drop a comment below! Now go add the boots to your cart. Here's a $15 discount code for you: WULF15




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